From a simple need, an idea springs to life. As the idea travels down the road on its journey toward com-mercial application, it encounters several steps. Each of these steps must be rigorously executed in order to maintain project integrity:

  • Trials and comparative studies in our purpose-built premises.
  • Use of discussion groups and specialized equipment in order to precisely pinpoint requirements and appropriate solutions.
  • Collaboration, as needed, with specialists, external laboratories and firms.
  • Negotiation with local and international suppliers, in order to offer the highest quality at the lowest price while meeting project conditions.
  • Implementation of strict cost control mechanisms and efficient management of the entire com-mercial process from R&D to advertising strategies.
  • Formulation of marketing strategy, including: brand identity, web platform, promotional plan, and analysis of local and international markets.
  • Study and deployment of a well-defined customer support plan appropriately matched to the product, thereby facilitating both cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Optimization of product profitability through: competitor analysis, cost reduction, sales volume in-crease, alternative distribution solutions, and cross-selling made possible by expanding the product range.

Of paramount importance to Prike is our capacity to maintain an overview of projects. We do not hesitate to hand over certain steps to valued partners or collaborate with selected experts, in the best interest of the project.

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